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QuFu ChongDe Precision MachineryCo., Ltd, locating in Orient Saint city, which is the birthplace of Confucius ---Qufu, isa new high-tech private enterprise and it is specialized in[查看详细]
  • 1.Material:65Mn。 2.Hardness:HRC44~48。 3.Precision:0.005mmm, 0.008mm...[了解详情]
  • CD01-0009 1、特殊的加工工艺保证了产品精度的稳定,表面经过特殊的防锈处理,延长了刀柄的使用寿命。 2、每件产品要经过5道检查,检验,保证了出厂产品合格。 3、外表面经过特殊的化学处理,保证了产品的外观整洁美观。...[了解详情]
  • CD01-0008...[了解详情]
  • ER COLLET SET...[了解详情]
  • ER Collet: 1.Material:Made of special elastic steel 65Mn 2.Hardness:HRC44-48 3、Each collet is processed by cryogenic treatment and thermal aging treatment to ensure the accuracy and stability, prolong the collet's life; 4、Special processing technic,...[了解详情]
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